Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Alamo Cat by Rita Kerr

I just finished my second book for the Young Readers Challenge. The book entitled "The Alamo Cat" was written by Rita Kerr, a San Antonio retired teacher who chose writing as a second career. The book is only about fifty pages and I would say that an eight year old could read it.

My initial impression of the book was that I wasn't going to like it. There was too much going on, too much history, too much description, just too much. Yet, there were some areas that I thought just screamed for more explanation. Being a native San Antonian myself, I knew the history and the references but I could see that a child could use more explanation in some areas. However, I think there were some areas that were too descriptive when it wasn't necessary.

With that said, as I read the book, I began to enjoy it. As the book progressed, the verbage seemed to calm down and flowed better. Of course, all of that seemed to fade into the background when you got to know "Ruby", the Alamo cat. For those of us who have cats, it is immediate recognition and connection. For those of us who call San Antonio our home there is definitely a bond. For those who would like a little glimpse into the workings of the Alamo, this gives a bit of information.

If you would like to obtain this book for your child, however, I will give you fair warning. It doesn't end happily. It is, though, a historical account and many of those don't end happily either but be aware, if you have sensitive children, you should read the book first.

Without doubt, Ruby was, indeed, a latter-day hero of the Alamo whose name should go down into history with Crockett, Bowie, and Travis. It was a very touching book.