Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A New Day

From today forward I will be using this blog -- http://boyett-brinkley.blogspot.com -- exclusively. I am sorry to leave wordpress but I must downsize. This was my first blog and I really like some aspects of it so I borrowed a website from JLSHall -- shabbyblogs.com -- and created a new page that I like and hopefully I can keep up with it better.

So, feel free to visit anytime. I can't promise stimulating posts but at least it is pretty to look at.
The Jane Austin Book Club

Ok, I didn't read the book although I thought about it and looked at it many times. I did get the movie off Netflix, however, and we watched it last night. It was ok. AW didn't enjoy it and let it be known -- I didn't know a person could make so much noise rattling and crinkling a chip bag! In any event, I am sure this is one of those cases where the book is much better than the movie but, because I watched the movie first (going against my cardinal rule) I probably will never read the book. Sigh. One should really listen to one's own advice!