Tuesday, June 09, 2009

"And then it seemed to her that she really might be a ghost, that she might be becoming part of the faded fabric of the house, dissolving into the gloom that gathered, like dust, in its crazy angles."

I've only just started "The Night Watch" by Sarah Waters so this is a bit from quite early in the book. Kay is being introspective as she views the activity on the street from her window -- she feels as if she must appear like a ghost to a little boy below and perhaps frightens him. So far, this book seems "quiet" -- my way of describing a story that is more psychological than active. But, as I said, I have just begun so I will reserve the final judgment until later.
What Dreams May Come

Ok, I tried to bite the bullet and watch the depressing movie. I really wanted to and I still think it looks good but.......the DVD kept glitching and I couldn't get it past the glitch -- it stopped every time. So, I gave up. But, I will report it to Netflix and maybe they will send me another because now I am intrigued by it. Don't you just hate it when that happens?