Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bramwell Valley

I don't usually do book reviews. I don't do them well so I leave that up to JLSHall. However, I feel compelled to at least comment on my latest read.

When I received my Nook in January, I decided that, it being first generation and all, I would try some of the "free" offerings before I sunk a lot of money into online books. I think that was a prudent decision considering that I have had some issues with Tinklepaw Nook although some of those issues have been eliminated with the latest "upgrade". I digress.

The first "free" book that I downloaded was titled "Bramwell Valley". The synopsis described it as a story about a quaint small town with colorful characters. Right up my alley -- like "Peyton Place". Hmm..yeah, not so much.

This is a story of a small town called Bramwell Valley. The main characters are four women who have a couple of things in common -- they are all wealthy and they have all inherited a bit of the witchy from their foremothers. They aren't actually witches, as explained later, but rather sorcerers. Ok, whatever. Anyway, the subplot revolves around Lucifer (fondly known as Lucy). Lucy decides to resign as the devil, leave Hell, go to Florida, take up with an ancient crone in a hot body and drive a black hummer. That is bad enough, in and of itself. However, Lucy didn't tell anybody where he was going and, in an effort to find him, several demons decided to open THE DOOR and they all fell out of Hell into the earth where all sorts of havoc was unleashed. After a number of "events", Lucy decided he had to return and take the demons back -- it was hard leaving the lady friend and the hummer -- not sure which one more. In any event, all was well that ended well. I guess.

This book wasn't intellectually funny. No sophisticated humor, no innuendo -- just unadulterated silliness. It was a real effort to finish it and I wouldn't recommend it. I was just glad it was free. Even then I felt like I had to finish it -- a personal issue of mine -- have to finish books I start -- regardless. However, if you choose to delve into it -- be forewarned. Unless you like devils driving hummers.

Done here.