Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Early Bird Catches the ....Tums

Yes, I am up bright and early this morning -- 2 a.m. to be exact. A nasty case of acid reflux. Here is how it started --

In anticipation of more "wintery mix" on Friday, I decided that A and I needed dinner out. I develop really bad cases of cabin fever very quickly so I do my best to circumvent the issue by running around a lot prior to a "cabin event" so that when said even rolls around I am ready to stay home for a day. Usually my running around in prep involves things like stocking up on groceries (generally milk, coffee and tp), a quick stop at the book store for a stack of new mags to recycle and dinner out. Well, since Friday might turn into a "cabin event", I opted for dinner out last night.

We went to this place --

This place had been there for a while before we tried it -- our favorites being Rocco's take out or Red Brick Pizza. One evening we tried it and discovered it to be pretty decent pizza so we have gone there several times now and it's quiet, Tuscan ambiance is very nice -- we choose to sit in the corner by the fireplace. I didn't realize that Palio's was a chain until I started looking for it's logo -- pretty good for a chain.

After dinner I made a quick run to --


The mall was very quiet, being Tuesday and all, but it was enough to last me through the "winter event" -- I am not a mall person. I was between 11 and say 30 but since then, yeah, not so much.

After that, we came home, made a cuppa and sat down to watch the DVR'r segment of my favorite show

I don't know why this is my favorite show -- I dated a Mormon boy once who was a believer in polygamy and I knew at the ripe old age of 14 that concept wasn't in my life plan but still, it is a good show.

However, while I was watching said favorite show I ingested a number of these

I haven't been enjoying chocolate lately so this wasn't a good choice. I went to sleep and about 11:30 I woke up needing these
I tried to ignore it but by 2 a.m. I was wide awake, in my chair, drinking yet more tea and reading "Hide in Plain Sight" -- my new book on my Nook. Nook's, by the way, are unbelievably easy to read -- I thought it would be like reading a glary computer screen but it isn't, it is like reading a book -- so nice.

Anyway, back to sleep about 3 a.m. -- up at 6 with a whole day ahead and behind about three days worth of energy. Sigh.

Ok, this is the most ridiculous post I have ever written. It reminds me of one of those story books when I was a child that had pics in the middle of the text to help new readers. Yeah, well, I feel pretty childish right now to tell you the truth. Plus, this post is all about my weakness, indulgence and lack of control so I am not going to post on FB that I am "blogging" - instead this is just for me to look at when I feel the need to over-indulge -- a record of just what can happen when there are too many olives, too many cookies and too little control.

What will I get accomplished today on too little sleep and still sporting a squeamish tummy? Probably not a whole lot -- I don't get a whole lot done on a good day -- but I will probably find time to reactivate my Weight Watchers account which I foolishly deleted about three weeks ago because I wasn't participating. Bad choice -- both lack of participation and cancellation -- so, today I will probably be back tracking and starting over. I wish I could, for once, just achieve and not constantly be starting over but that seems to be Melissa's way -- blah.

Ok, this is the end of the this post -- peppermint tea and a new beginning -- after a nap. Yeah.