Monday, March 29, 2010

Saturday Play Date

Saturday was our play date with the g-kids. They are growing up so fast and their personalities are developing rapidly. One likes to make funny noises and the other gets tickled at it and imitates -- quite well, actually. One like to build, the other wants to do the same. They both love books and enjoy reading the same thing over and over. Running is quite popular and time-out is routine. One can count to eleven and say MOST of the alphabet -- the other is quite fascinated by socks. One readily apologizes for any perceived misdoing and it usually involves a kiss. The other loves to bump heads and rub noses. Their vocabularies are growing by leaps and bounds. They are bright eyed and healthy and full of energy -- much more energy than we have.

The day included tinker toys, books, three mean games of Hi-Ho Cherry-O, books, lunch, books, puzzles, books, naps, quiet time, putting money in the penny bank and saying prayers. It was a good day. I need geritol. And knee replacements. I am happy to say that the eyes in the back of my head are still in great working order -- guess once a mom always a mom and when you acquire those back head eyes, they are there forever. Gramps was the reigning champion of building, I was the soother of hurt feelings and tear dryer. It was a good day as I watched these kids I could see my own at that age -- it was like I could do it all over again from a different perspective. Being a g-parent is great. My mom was right -- it is wonderful to be able to play and spoil and love them and then give them back!!

As much as I am shocked at reaching a proper grandmotherly age, I love it and really enjoy the time with them. I think today I am fully recovered. Ha!!