Sunday, July 25, 2010


I like doing memes.  I like reading other people's memes. So, in a quest to find some new ones, I ran across a site called The Daily Meme (  I ran across two, one I have done many times before, and the second is new to me so I thought I would participate in them tonight. 

The first  is called Unconscious Mutterings at  It is a word association game and can be quite hilarious, depending on your mood.  So, here is my unconscious mutterings for this week -- #391.

l.  inception -- beginning
2.  anticipation -- Christmas
3.  space -- travel, bags
4.  earn -- money
5.  .com -- the internet -- yay!
6.  hello!  -- goodbye!, The Beatles
7.  equivalent -- sugar to splenda
8. swore -- LANGUAGE! PLEASE!
9.  actions -- speak louder than words -- they really, really do
10.  expletive -- see #8 above

The second meme I looked at is called Word Beads at Catchwords (  It is a writing meme and you have to use five predetermined words in a sentence.  So, here goes.


Because John was so lax in his role as pail carrier, we had to retract the offer because the plan was not scheduable.

So, there they are -- my memes for the day! 
Booking through Thursday

Do you ever listen to book related podcasts?  If so, why?

No, I don't.  It is simple -- I don't have an ipod.  Yes, I know they exist but I have never had much interest in having one.  I have thought about listening to books on tape in the car but I am afraid I would go to sleep or get distracted while driving and, besides, I am usually listening to alternative talk radio when I am in the car -- something to fuel the road rage.   I am afraid the most sophisticated I have gotten in the  electronic reading department is an e-reader which, to be honest, I have a love/hate relationship with which I am still trying to work out.  I mean, once you have named it, can you really just trade it in?