Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesday 24 May 2011

Teaser Tuesday

I am behind -- on everything and tonight I have just emerged from the "safe room" aka the bathroom as we watch tornadoes plague North Texas.  Nothing quite like hearing hail pound the roof and tornado sirens while you sit in the bathtub with the computer watching doppler weather.  Such an exciting Tuesday evening.

So, it is time for another Tuesday Teaser and I think you will enjoy this one.  It is from "Aunt Dimity's Death" by Nancy Atherton.  This is a nice little mystery series which I began in the middle of the series -- just my style.  So, after I finished the first book that I read I decided to start the series with the first book.  It is a page turner -- sort of a grown up Nancy Drew -- and I am enjoying it immensely.  Let's see if my teaser can get you to take a look at the series.

"There was no way Bill could have known about Reginald.  Not even Meg knew about Reginald.  Having a stuffed bunny as a confidant isn't something a thirty-year-old woman readily admits to.  But someone had known about him.  Someone who needed to get my attention.  I put the shoebox back into the wardrobe and gently closed the door.  I descended the staircase in slow motion, stopped at the doorway of the study, and peeked in.  The fire was snapping, the rain was drumming, a book  of some sort was lying on the ottoman, and Reginald was sitting beside it.  He had moved."

Okie doke -- nothing like a little mystery there -- it is good -- check it out.