Friday, June 03, 2011

Friday Fill-ins and Heaven is for Real:  A Little Boy's Astounding Story of his Trip to Heaven and Back by Todd Burpo.

First -- Friday Fill-ins

1.  Hey! You, get off my cloud!
2.  That statement doesn't contain one kernel of truth.
3.  eat healthy
4.  the oldest, the youngest and the one in the middle
5.  First thing to note:  list making is a virtue
6.  Facebook is an unnecessary distraction
7And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to pizza and a movie, tomorrow my plans include nothing special and Sunday, I want to celebrate the Hubs b/d with the family.

Book Review

First off -- I don't make a habit of reading stuff about sick/dying/hurt/murdered/kidnapped/ or in any way harmed children -- I just don't find it entertaining and, unless I am reading for knowledge, reading is sheer entertainment for me.  So, I held on to the book  about Colton Burpo for a long time.  It wanted to read it because it discussed his near death experience but for him to have had a NDE, he  would have had to be in harms way and I just wasn't ready for that sort of reading.  However, because I am part of a reading challenge and because I wanted to chisel away at my ever growing Nook library, I decided to give it a go knowing I could stop if it became too much for me to handle. 

I was hooked from the first page.  It is a lovely story of the faith of a child, which we should all have, the faith of his parents in the midst of all their human frailities and the love of God.  It is a story of modern day miracles.  I was particularly interested in this book because of my own mother's NDE.  She told us that something "happened" to her during one of her hospitalizations and she didn't want to talk about it but she just knew that she would never be afraid of dying.  I was reading this book to get a glimpse of what she  might have experienced.  If this is what happened then it was a glorious experience for her to have.

I would recommend this book to anyone -- anybody who has had any involvement with a near death experience would enjoy reading of a little boy who took his experience into stride and explained it in the simpliest, most beautiful words. A believer will just shake his/her head saying "yes, that is what I believe" and a non-believer might start questioning his stand on things.  Wherever you are, it is definitely a beautiful story.