Saturday, July 09, 2011

Yes, Dear, It Is Saturday

Yes, it is Saturday, the only day this week I actually recognize.  The past week is sort of a blur -- it seemed to whiz by and yet stand still.  It was confusing from the beginning and no, I am not getting senile.  So for today, Saturday, to look normal is a huge blessing and relief to me.

It all began on Monday, July  4th.  A Monday holiday throws the whole week off from the beginning in my opinion although it was a lovely day.  Some of the kids came over for hot dogs and we had a lovely time.  Missed the ones who couldn't be there but we understand.  Unfortunately, we couldn't see any fireworks.

I was still dealing with the toothache and got up Tuesday morning, which felt like Monday, and headed to the dentist.  He discovered that I have a fractured tooth root -- very strange, probably broke it on a popcorn kernel.  Ok, so I scheduled an extraction (there is nothing that can be done -- I mean, you just don't amputate a root!) and prep for a bridge.  Yay -- just did this last month on another tooth.  I went to the  desk to make the appointment,  they gave me the estimate and told me that I had maxed out my insurance.  I said I really wanted to get all this done before my husband retires -- haha -- LOL!

Wednesday rolls around, the tooth is still hurting and hubs came home and said they offered him early retirement and he took it.  Major reorganization, it seems and I just don't think he wanted to be a part of that.  Well, I can understand that but let's see, just how quickly can we throw Melissa into a tailspin?  Pretty darn quickly, actually.

So, Thursday and Friday have been spent getting things in order, had a little bit of banking to do and was actually waiting for a day when he would be home because he needed to be able to go with mee so we got that done.  The car maintenance was due so we scheduled that for Friday.  Took it into the shop, got the necessary stuff done, we were told that the factory battery was about the give up the ghost but we said we would look into that later.  Well, later came sooner than we expected because when we went to pick up the completed car, the battery wouldn't turn over so we spent another 20 minutes of our life waiting for them to put in a new battery.  So far, Friday wasn't looking so good.  We spent the rest of the day at our former abode getting things ready to sell it.  We got a lot done but it seemed like a comedy of errors, for sure.

That brings us up to today -- the only normal day this week.  I spent my morning cup of tea time out on the patio just trying to take stock of all that happened this week  -- trying to figure out a new routine -- trying to convince myself that retirement is not just another word for old age.  Of course, I do need to remember that the Hubs is the one retired -- so far my job description hasn't changed one whit.  Considering that I am not a flexible person this is probably a good thing.