Thursday, November 10, 2011

Update - Update - Update

Thirty days of Thanks -- Day 10

I am thankful for these early mornings.  Really.  They are quiet and I have a little while to do a few things that require quiet.

Diet Update --

Yes, well, have fallen off the program again -- after years of keeping a food diary I just can't do it any more.  However, after doing it for several days I am aware that it isn't my calorie intake that is causing me problems but more my lack of exercise.  So.....yesterday I began an exercise program.  I walked on the Tony Little Gazelle for 20 minutes -- need to start slow and I did some sit-ups.  My goal is to do this every day and see if it matters.  I received some old photos of my dad from a dear friend this last week and I have to say that if heredity is mostly to blame then I am doomed.  I am just the female version of my dad and there is nothing much that can be done about that so maybe, instead of focusing on appearance, I need to focus on health, put on a big smile and just carry on!

Current read --

I am currently readiing "An American Heiress" by Daisy Goodwin.  It was loaned to me by my daughter who still had loads of library time on it.  She reviewed it as "Jane Austen only readable" and I have to agree.  It is very Downtown Abbey with a whole lot of America thrown in and it is very engaging.  I have already located a copy at the bookstore around the corner just in case I don't get done before it is due. 

It is hard to believe it is Thursday, already but then it is hard to believe it is close to mid-November.  I think the days are doing double time the older I get.  For some reason, the time change has really bothered me this autumn -- it usually doesn't but this year it has been a bear.  Does the time change bother you?

Well, the quiet time is drawing to a close and time to start the day.  I will check back later to see what excitement all of you have been up to today!