Thursday, November 17, 2011

Just Letting You Know--

I am not dead.  I am just swamped.  Have been doing some babysitting and planning a birthday party for my 90 year old mother in law whose birthday is tomorrow.  I said I didn't want to plan this party -- I said it loudly -- yet, here I am planning the blasted party which just goes to show that when I tell people they don't listen to me, I am right no matter how much they protest!!!

I have been in the mood to Christmas shop but not in the mood to go shopping.  Clearly there is conflict there.  So, I have been letting my fingers dance around the keyboard and am shopping online.  This weekend is a special weekend here in North Texas -- we are all being encouraged to shop  at our favorite local, independent, small business.  I would love to but -- well, I went by my favorite little independent, local, small toy store today and everything is twice or three times as expensive in the store as it is online.  It used to be a very unique little place but now, yeah, not so much.  So, I don't guess I will be doing my bit for local, independent businesses this weekend.  Well, except for the party venue so that must mean something.

So, if anybody has missed me, that is where I have been --- sitting, sitting, sitting, planning, planning, planning.  Now I have get in the mood to cook for Thanksgiving.  Whew, I think I am tired already.