Thursday, January 03, 2013

3 Jan 2013

It is a cold and dark morning here in North Texas.  It is early yet I am up, dressed, fed and gathering my things.  Today my DD goes back to work from her Christmas holiday and I go back to babysitting the Bean.  Neither of them are going to be happy.  My DD misses being a stay at home mom and Bean misses her mommy.  I wish I could do something to make things different but all I can do is help by providing child care.  Everyday I go there I am thankful that I was able to stay home with my children but times were different then, weren't they?

I am hoping the cedar fever attack I have been fighting is winding down although I won't be right until March. From January to March I wish I lived someplace besides Texas.  Any place but Texas.  The mountain cedar is an evil weed which is not useful for anything and we should try to do something about it but nobody even tries.  I am so "lucky" that the builders of the condo behind us paid so close attention to our request that they not plant cedar as we are all quite allergic to it -- they only planted about 150 of the wretched things around the property and lined my back fence with them.  That alone would make me leave my beloved house and search for something a little more cedar free.

I really have nothing for an interesting post.  I look forward to my day with the Bean but I know she isn't going to be happy.  I am glad it is a short week.  She is such a clever little thing.  The other day DD told her that she "loved her to pieces" and Bean looked at her, frowned and said "don't take me apart -- I not a puzzle".  She has a vivid imagination and has started relating her dreams.  They are pretty elaborate but not scary.  She plays so well and has such a long attention span that taking care of her just requires tending to her needs.  She spends a lot of time "reading" her books -- another reading addict in the making.

Well, time to run.  I will check back later.  Have a wonderful day, all!