Sunday, April 07, 2013

Recent Purchase

I buy the oddest,most random most unusual, interesting things online.  This is my latest purchase -- a wool dust mop made in the USA.  Most of my floors are bare, which I like, and I have a lovely vacuum cleaner but there are sometimes when I just don't want to drag the lovely vacuum cleaner all over the house so I decided to channel my mother and buy a dust mop (she loved her dust mop).  Yes, I have a swiffer but those things are just too tiny and they  don't cover enough space at one time.  This mop is 11 X 18 and just about makes short work of dusting up the floor.  Of course, it won't pick up big stuff like twist  ties, runaway olives, and general junk (i.e. leggos) like a vacuum will but I consider it exercise to bend over and pick up the big stuff.  I was very pleased to see the colorful mop head and for some reason it reminded my of my substitute grandmother -- I have no idea why.  The head is 100% wool and the whole thing was made in the US which made me happy because I always try to buy domestically if I can.

I was impressed with the dust mop enough to run out and buy one of these

I used to own several of these but they got thrown out during a move and I never replaced them.  So, off to Ace Hardware I went, came home and took the little duster to the shutters and I was thrilled.  I actually enjoyed doing this little chore and it didn't wear me out like having to hold a heavy vacuum cleaner wand up in the air.

So, all this travelling back to cleaning methods of my youth has me rethinking the laundry airer I had looked at months ago.  If I thought my hubby could hang it up without destroying the ceiling  I would have one in a minute.  I might have to revisit this idea because there are just some clothes I prefer to hang. 

Ok, off to surf the net looking for airers.  I am so easily amused.