Saturday, April 26, 2014

Pink Saturday!

I was up early this morning -- as usual, unfortunately.  For some reason I can never sleep in.  However, that gives me time to indulge in some of my favorite things such as blog reading.  One of the blogs I frequent is How Sweet the Sound hosted by Beverly Edwards Abbott.  Today I happened upon her Pink Saturday blog event and thought I would participate.  However, when I started taking photos, I realized that I have very little "pink" around me. is one of my favorite colors so maybe I should incorporate more of it.  Maybe I would be a cheerier person?  Nah, I am already pretty cheery.  I digress.  

In any event I hunted high and low for pink things and came up with precious little but I am looking forward to sharing what I did find with you.

Nothing says pink like Hello Kitty

Everybody has Easter Eggs laying around, right?

The Pink Bunny twins

Lovely display of dianthus -- more red than pink I guess but lovely still

Pink salvia

Pinkish embroidered pillow on pink gingham chair

Pink Stained glass

Gorgeous pink porcelain rose

So, there you go, my pink contributions for Pink Saturday!