Sunday, April 27, 2014

Bored, Bored, Bored!!!!

About 8 years ago the Hubs and I moved to a newly constructed house in a subdivision that is gated and geared for empty nesters with the added perk that we don't have to "do" the lawn -- it is done by the HOA.  Of course, we pay for it but we don't have a choice, it just happens.

So, I was thrilled.  No yard to do, just flower beds to putter in.  The house is big enough but not too big, although I would like another bedroom.  This was my first "new" house and I figured I would be a happy little camper here forever.  When we moved we got rid of some furniture, bought some new furniture, we relished in the fact that there was hardly any carpet which we don't care for and I was set.  Or so I thought.

Hubs and I were always DIY-ers with little projects going on.  Here we are in a new house with nothing to do.  I guess we will have to think about painting in a couple of years but that isn't want I mean.  I like the idea of putting things together and now it is "done" and I miss projects.

So, since there are no walls to knock down or porches to close in, I have to come up with something so I am looking at changing some of the furniture.  At this point, Hubs isn't talking about it.  However, the fact of the matter is, I am tired of brown.  We have Craftsman Style furniture that is made by the Amish.  It is very well built, solid cherry and leather covered.  In brown leather.  All brown.

The end tables are brown.  The coffee table is brown.  It just looks like a big brown blob. The chairs, there are two, are quite comfortable except that they are too big for me and when I sit in mine, my feet don't touch the ground.  I have solved that with a small footstool.  The couch, however, has to be the most uncomfortable thing on the planet.  The seats are too shallow, the backs are too straight and stiff and you can't lean up against the arm of the sofa without a pillow because the arm cuts into your side.  The one redeeming quality is that it sleeps great.

It is lovely furniture but what I would like to do is keep the chairs and replace the sofa with this --

 It is a loveseat which would be shorter than the sofa we have now but I think that would be ok.  It is a cream colored twill slipcover with triple padded seats and arms.  I think it looks luscious.

We also have travertine floors with no rugs and my husband absolutely hates throw pillows so it all seems stark and hard-surfaced to me.  I would like a little softness.  I doubt I can negotiate a rug but I am thinking I might be able to swing the sofa but I hate to get rid of the current one.  It is such pretty wood and the leather is nice but everything


                                                               BROWN! (and uncomfortable)

Oh well, I doubt we will change anything but I can dream, can't I?