Thursday, June 26, 2014

Wildlife Week at the Brinkley's

We have had lots of rain this week which has been a blessing.  The lakes in Texas have been reduced to ponds and I am sure the wildlife has suffered for lack of water as have most of our lawns and plants.  So, Monday the rains came.  They came fast doing a lot of flooding and, unfortunately, lots of damage to homes.  There were lightening strikes hitting a couple of houses and the number of cars under water on the city streets was startling.

I think it has also spooked the animal community.

Two days ago, near dusk, Hubs and I had just come in from our evening walk and as we stopped to glance out the back door Hubs spotted this sight --

In our back garden was a family of raccoons - a mommy and three babies.  I realize this photo is difficult to see as it was taken through the door but there are three babies -- one on the run and two huddled by the tree.  If you click on the photo you might be able to see it better.  Mommy had already taken off -- bad mommy -- leaving your babies like that!  I have never seen anything cuter than baby raccoons -- trying to climb a tree, rolling around in the grass -- you just want to cuddle them.  Yes, I know, my mother always told me never to touch wild animals so I won't but.....

Then, this morning I got up to this staring at me through the back door.

A wild turkey!  I had seen them before in the street by the creek that runs beside our house but never in my yard.  It didn't seem to be particularly bothered by us.  Hubs even went out and took some photos and the bird didn't really care.  He finally flew up on the roof and took off into the neighbor's yard. I hope their dog doesn't hurt it but it is bigger than the dog so who knows.

Anyway, I never have had very interesting photos of things in our yard and now I have two.  I think I will sit outside tonight with the camera and see what I can find to take pictures of.  Maybe the raccoons will come back or the turkey will fly in for a visit.

I thought it was all very exciting but then, I am easily amused.