Friday, July 11, 2014

Pinterest -- a Husband's Worst Nightmare

I am sure that nobody who reads this blog would have missed the fact that bookcase space is at a premium here.  The Hubs is slated to build a new, huge bookcase for the family room but I have been toying with the idea of a smaller one in my guest room.  So, on a trip to our little storage facility, I spied a chest of drawers that my husband had inherited from his grandmother and the gerbil started turning the wheel.

I spent a bit of time looking at pictures of repurposed furniture on pinterest and I decided that the little chest of drawers would make a lovely bookcase.  It didn't take much coaxing for the Hubs to get on board with the idea.  So, since pictures speak a thousand words--

Wish I had gotten a photo of the original chest but -- well -- I forgot

Drawers removed getting ready to adapt for shelves -- this is before the legs were shortened as well
Somebody put screen under the last drawer -- wonder what they were trying to keep out of the drawer?

Getting prepped to mend a hole in the side

Reinforcing the sides and putting in new drawer rails
Stripped of all paint and old finishes


Top before staining

Looking good
Adding shelves and trim

Legs shortened, first coat of paint, looking good!

Shelves painted
Finished product!

The top drawer is going to be used for note cards, stationery and pens

So, what do you think?  Is this Pinterest worthy?