Saturday, October 04, 2014

Planning, Planning, Planning

Earlier this year I needed a planner but I needed it at an odd time of the year and not many were available  so I did some research on making my own, found a tutorial using a Moleskine and I set about DIY-ing a planner.

It has worked really well but it is bulky and heavy.  As I have gotten -- ahem -- older, I have discovered that heavy bags aren't my friend so I have started "downsizing" what I carry in a bag. 

So, because of that I started looking for a lighter weight yet flexible planner.  I don't have a lot to plan -- just keeping up with birthdays, little trips, dr. appts., that sort of thing so my needs are simple.  I googled "smaller planner" and went to the first option that came up --

This is such a cute site! So many  cute things to choose from! I mean, this like San Rio for adults! I chose this option for the planner --

It is dateless and the calendar squares are decent sized.  It is VERY plain which suits me just fine.  It is lightweight which suits me even more. It was a decent price which cinched the deal for me.  I am looking forward to getting it. I hate giving up my moleskine planner because there is a lot of room for lists and such but I think this will be a better option.  However, if you are in the market for something a little less utilitarian, they have many patterned things and all sorts of accessories and things. 

Speaking of downsizing your purse -- maybe I should say "downweighting" your purse, I recently changed wallets as well.  I have any number of wallets from leather to fabric, big, little, strapped -- all sorts.  They are all either too small, too large, too heavy, hold to much, don't hold enough -- can't find the perfect wallet.  However, I might have come close with this --

It is the Big Skinny wallet and I bought it at Office Depot.  It is nylon, it is weightless, it is stuffable -- it is actually working very well for me.  Mine isn't teal, though -- mine is red so I can see it.

I was looking at the pouches on the mochithings website and might look into some lightweight nylon makeup bags and stuff like that.  While I don't carry a lot, I do like to carry some things so maybe I can lighten the load a little more.