Friday, November 14, 2014

Somewhere Safe With Somebody Good -- Jan Karon

I have just finished reading Jan Karon's latest instalment in the Mitford series  -- Somewhere Safe With Somebody Good.  Prior to this book, Karon had more or less ended this series and then  proceeded with the Father Tim books which dealt with Father Tim's youth and with a monumental trip to Ireland.  Both of those books were a little deeper and darker than the Mitford series, they showed a different side of the beloved Father Tim.

This latest work, however, brings us back to Mitford after Father Tim and Cynthia's visit to Ireland.  They don't have long to get settled back into their usual routine before the life in the little North Carolina town draws them in.  There is the family with the good news -- Dooley -- and the bad news -- Sammy.  There are the long time friends, neighbors and parishioners -- some we watch go from deep despair to great joy - Hope -- and the possible romance -- Helene and Harley maybe? Or perhaps the spray tan queen and the fly boy.  Father Tim is involved in all their lives to some extent and it is so interesting to watch him juggle these relationships with grace and the knowledge of when to get involved and when not to.  His wisdom would be a good lesson for anybody.

For anybody who thinks small town life would be boring they should read the Mitford books.  Are small towns really like this?  I wouldn't know but I like to think they are.  In any event, I enjoyed once more, being able to "live" in Mitford for a while.  I hope there is another in the series so that we aren't left hanging wanting to know what happens to Hope, Scott and Grace and Dooley and Lace and all the rest of the quirky yet loveable characters.  I don't think Karon would do that, however, as there is so much more story to tell.

I, for one, will be waiting.