Sunday, February 22, 2015


I got up this morning knowing that by 6 PM we would begin experiencing a soaking rain ushering in a cold front which promised to give us a few days of yucky weather.

I combed my hair and put on my make up.  Donned a suitable outfit for church with my cute litle khaki flats.  Grabbed up my coat and purse and charged out the door only to be drenched before I reached the car.  Yes, the car is outside the garage because we can't get the car IN the garage.  Long story and it isn't MY fault (quietly nodding in the Hubs direction).

I was more than a little aggravated that my shoes were wet and my hair was wet but on I went.  We got to church and I managed to get in relatively in tact and then, after Sunday School, we went to lunch.  Getting in was ok, leaving was another matter.  Drenched again.  Cute little khaki flats full -- repeat FULL -- of water.  I was going to go to Sephora.  I was going to stop at the grocery store.  Needless to say I didn't make either of those stops as my shoes were now boats, my slacks were wet to my knees, the inside of the car needed to be towelled off and my hair -- well, just use your imagination.

It has been an ongoing deluge all day -- all. day.  My patio is filling up with water and if it freezes (which it is supposed to) we will have an ice rink.  I decided that we did need to get some more milk so off we go to Target for a milk run. I bundled up, Hubs drove, he dropped me at the door, parked and waited for me to call him on the cell phone when I was done.  It looked like a real covert operation and I was the shady character swathed in black.  Anyway -- I was pleasantly surprised that they were well stocked, the store was almost totally devoid of customers and I was thankful that Target is right across the street.

However, I am a bit dubious about the prediction of thundersleet.  We have had thundersleet before and I don't like thunder and I don't like sleet so chances are I am not going to be thrilled by thundersleet.  We aren't having snow or anything lovely and wintery like that -- it is ice.  Fortunately it will be gone by Wednesday --or so they say.  Hopefully they will close the schools so my family can stay safe.  But one thing is for sure -- I now have lots of milk.

A little dark but this is my patio puddle which could become an ice rink

You can't see the rain -- lots and lots of rain