Monday, February 23, 2015

Thundersleet Pics

I was hoping to sleep in this a.m. -- like a hibernating bear but it wasn't meant to be.  The thundersleet started -- heavy on the thunder -- but the lightening was jolting -- no pun intended.  I woke up to this very bright, oddly flashing light -- more like a strobe light.  I thought maybe we were losing power and the street lights were flashing but no, it was lightening.  I tried to go back to sleep but being the creature of habit that is moi I couldn't so up I get to turn on the kettle, grab the glasses and peruse the outdoors.  It was pouring sleet and much too dark to take photos so these were taken a little later.

I know that my friends and family that live in areas much more to the north are going to look at these photos and wonder what in the world has come over me -- this is nothing.  And, by the standards set by the winter of 2015 in our northeast, it isn't except this isn't snow -- it is solid ice.  AND......because "this doesn't happen often" as per our weather officials (note, it only happens EVERY YEAR), we don't have the resources to get rid of it.  They are putting down chemicals on the highways and sand to help but if you do a google search on the highway system in DFW you will see that our highways are four levels in some places so they are treacherous on a good day -- never mind this sort of thing.  They only treat the highways and nothing is done for the city streets so we are iced in -- for days.  It is really yucky.

So, anyway, for your viewing pleasure, here are my Ice Storm 2015 photos.

Right outside my front door -- what you can't see is that the brick is covered in solid ice

My driveway

Also out my front door at a quirky angle

My front wall -- about 1/ 2 inch of ice

My patio turned ice rink

More patio

Somebody on tv said maybe a few snow flurries a bit later?  Hmmm...always good fun -- snow on ice.  Ok, well, I think I will vacuum.