Friday, April 03, 2015

Good Friday

It is Good Friday.  To me, Good Friday is the holiest day of the year, next to Easter.  The magnitude of the day is overwhelming to me and brings me to my knees.  Even though I know that the joy of Easter Sunday is just around the corner, the sadness of this day never fades. 

It will be a quiet day for me as Good Friday always is.  My day will progress as usual but I will be ever aware of the meaning of the day and it will permeate my thoughts as I go through my usual routine.  How do you feel about Good Friday?

I think I have all the sick people just about well.  I am hoping we can go into this Easter weekend with everyone back on their feet. To me, Easter Sunday is like the New Year -- a new beginning.  But, until then, it is a quiet time for me.