Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Here Comes the Bride - la la la la

Today is our wedding anniversary.  It is our 43rd anniversary.  We were married in Concordia Lutheran Church in San Antonio, Texas at 2:00 pm. The reception was held in the fellowship hall.  As I said on my facebook post this morning -- after 43 years the only advice I can give to young people is don't get married on the 4th of July weekend and don't wear a long sleeved dress in Texas if you feel the a/c in the church is going to give out.  Other than that -- you just have to work it out.  Here are some photos from the auspicious occasion.

You have probably seen these pics before because they are on the computer and I guess I am just too lazy to go scan in others.  They have all turned a nasty orange-y hue but I will tell you that my bridesmaides dresses were a very lovely pale peach color with white flowers.  My grandmother, who made a couple of the dresses, decided to cut out some of the flowers and attach them on top of the dress with pearls.  It was lovely.  They also wore bows in their hair, which I am sure my matron of honor was very fond of, and white gloves.  Remember white gloves?  You can see my matron of honor right next to me in the last photo -- she would be my cousin JSLHall. 

I look exactly the same today except there is more of me and my hair is quite white in the front, darker in the back and hangs to about three inches below my shoulder.  Otherwise, no difference.  I jest, of course.

We celebrated the day last night as I have a meeting at church tonight.  We went to a lovely local restaurant called The Tavern.

Allen had rib eye steak with tomatoes with blue cheese.  I had rotisserie chicken with pecan and wild rice salad.  We had Tres Leche cake for dessert -- one serving shared between us. 

I should have taken photos -- I had the camera but I just don't think about photographing my food.  I should think about that.

Anyway, it was a delightful evening.

Earlier in the day we had company in the form of Dear Daughter and the Bean.  Allen was out working in the yard so Bean thought it would be a good time for a swim.  Makes it sound like I have some sort of outdoor oasis, doesn't it?  Well, here she is lounging away --

It was quite lovely out and I enjoyed sitting out in the nice breeze.  Until later, of course, when the allergies hit complete with chest congestion and swollen eyes.  I am just so pathetic when it comes to allergies. 

Anyway, it was a lovely day!