Monday, July 20, 2015

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig!

Yes, Tinklepaw is home.  Tinklepaw is my computer -- it is a little netbook by Asus.  I named it Tinklepaw because that is what I name everything.  I was planning a small craft business one time and my father decided that would be a good name for the business.  The business never materialized but I loved the name so everything, including my little Jellycat (stuffed cat) that travels with me, is named Tinklepaw. I think Tinklepaw the Computer is a boy.

So, Tinklepaw the Computer comes with me lots of places.  Many times he goes with me to my daughter's house to spend time while I am babysitting.  He is loaded with several educational things so Bean likes to explore those sites.  He is also very lightweight and small and easy to carry with me.  It was during one of these trips that he decided he needed a vacation from me.

Now, granted, I work him very hard.  I have dropped him, I have broken his built in mouse and now he has a prothesis (an external WIFI mouse) but we have a good relationship and I hope he never leaves me.  However, I guess he needed a rest because the other day we were at my daughter's house and it was time to leave.  I picked up my handbag and out the door I went.   I never heard a peep out of Tinklepaw. I didn't even think about him until I got home so I guess he wanted to stay a while and did not let me know that I was forgetting him.

I wonder if his feelings were hurt?  I hope not.  I wonder if he missed me?  Probably not but I missed him and was very glad to get him home today.  I promised him that I would never forget him again and I hope he doesn't feel the need to take a separate vacation again.