Thursday, January 28, 2016

Home to Harmony by Philip Gulley

When I finish a book I usually pick another right up -- I always need something to read, it seems.  I just finished "Come Rain or Come Shine" by Jan Karon and I was shopping my own bookshelves for something to read.  Trust me, I could have a mini - branch of B&N I have so many unread books.

As I was looking through my own books I began to bag up some that I had either read and just didn't want anymore or that I just knew I would never read.  I picked up "Home to Harmony" by Philip Gulley and stood there weighing the decision -- sell or keep and read.  It is a very short book -- 237 pages -- so I thought I would give it a go.  One review said "In a League with Jan Karon's Mitford series...Gulley's work is comparable to Gail Godwin's fiction, Garrison Keillor's storytelling and Christopher Guest's filmmaking.

I have to agree with the review -- to me it was a mix of Karon's Mitford series with a little more humor and Garrison Keillor's stories.  However, with that said, I went into it more or less comparing it to those two authors which wasn't fair.  Early on I decided I wasn't enjoying it.  But I read on.  An on.  And, before you know it, I liked it.

What is not to like about a small Quaker community in a small North Carolina town?  It was hysterical.  I can't pick out one part, it was all just funny with great characters.  I have to say that some of Pastor Sam Gardner's musings were the same as some of my musings at times.  It was a very comfy book to read.

And, as usual, I hated to see it end.

So, I did a little research on the book and what do you know -- it is a series! Right up my alley.  I will probably read more of them -- I think there are five.  However, I will probably be reading them as e-books as I am really trying to get the library under control -- really.

I would recommend this book.

Throwback Thursday

Social media has a little activity called Throwback Thursday where people post old photos.  I decided to bring this to my blog today.  So, here you go.

Meet my great-great grandmother, Dorietta Bierschwale Giles.  She was born 24 February 1849 in Hanover, Germany.  She married my great-great grandfather John Isom Giles 23 February 1869 in Kendall County, Texas.  Together they had 11 children.  She passed away 6 June 1919 in San Antonio, Texas at age 70 and is buried in the family cemetery in Harper, Texas.