Thursday, March 17, 2016

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I really like St. Patrick's Day -- I never decorate or bake green cookies or drink green beer but it is an opportunity for me to remember my Irish roots and look at cute little pictures like the one above.

I am a member of the Conn family. Here is a young photo of my 2nd great grandfather -- Henry Patrick Conn with one of his young sons -- Elisha, I believe.

Here is an older version of 2nd great grandfather, Henry Patrick -- the young boy on the right is my grandfather, Aaron Patrick Boyett, Sr.  The little girl is Aaron Patrick's sister -- pretty little thing, isn't she?

I never knew much about this family, never heard much about them until I started doing family history and discovered these lovely photos.  I have met cousins through the DNA project and it is all very interesting.

Our St. Patrick's Day started early -- about 4 a.m. -- with a raging hail storm.  It hailed for quite sometime  and when it was over I went back to bed, settled in, got back to sleep and wouldn't you know, it started all over again.  Our cars sit out because -- well, I can't talk about it -- so I am sure they are pretty messed up.  I would be surprised if they weren't because some of this hail was golf ball sized. It was big enough to set the car alarm off -- and lots of wind as well.  We will be inspecting the roof later as well. 

Yesterday was fun though, even though my allergies were escalating and my throat was killing me.  We went to the Cowgirl Hall of Fame Museum and it was great fun.  I had never been there and I enjoyed it immensely.

I did discover that my daughter, even though she enjoys country music is not one bit cowgirl.  This was no surprise.  But I did enjoy seeing all the Roy Rogers and Dale Evans displays and there was a special exhibit of the movie "Lonesome Dove" -- I am going to pull the DVD out and watch it again.  Nothing like a little Robert Duvall.  I really wish they would have let us take photos because there was a lot to share -- I especially liked the Annie Oakley exhibit.  As is common with these sorts of exhibits, I was aware of how small she was.

I might add that the gift shop was great but very pricey.  So, I came home with nothing. 

I  guess I will be having more Benadryl for my morning snack even though I feel like I am a bit better than I was yesterday.  As I said on FB -- if the rain didn't wash the pollen away I am sure the hail beat it into submission.

In honor of the day I thought I would show you a couple of things that are a daily part of my life that sort of represent my attachment to all things Celtic --

My first quilt attempt twenty years ago.  Machine pieced, hand quilted -- green Irish Chain.

On my 40th wedding anniversary we were in Austin at a store called Things Celtic.  I wanted a new claddagh ring -- I have a James Avery one but I wanted a band so my husband bought me this one for our anniversary.  Mine is silver. I wish I had the gold one.  Or maybe one with diamonds! I love Claddagh rings.

Have a wonderful St. Paddy's Day! For me, I am going to go out and look for that pot of gold -- surely there is a rainbow out there somewhere after all this rain.