Thursday, June 16, 2016

It Is So Hot---

and getting hotter, it seems.  We are under heat advisories until 8 p.m. tonight (I think).  The mosquitoes are breeding like, well, mosquitoes and outside in Texas right now is pretty miserable.  So, I am playing inside.

I call it playing -- actually I am cleaning house.  If I look at it in the right frame of mind, I could call it playing.

Years ago I fell heir to my mother's Oreck vacuum cleaner.  She loved it.  It is a miserable piece of equipment, if you ask me.  It is noisy and you can't get under the furniture with it.  It did, however, come bundled with this little number --

my husband loves this little hand held vacuum but I never paid much attention to it. Well, now I am paying attention to it.  I discovered yesterday that it does a bang up job of dusting baseboards.  So, I put my extension cord on and am going to town.  Should I give him credit?  Nah! Yeah, I should.

Monday was quite the frustrating day in regards to laundry.  I like to do laundry every day so I don't have lots of stuff pile up.  I learned that when we had a power outage a few years ago.  So, Monday I set off to do my wash in the washer and dryer we have had for about 14 years.  It is a Kenmore and had done exceedingly well.  We have only had one repair in all those years.  However, the old girls have been getting grumpy as of late.  Not full blow cantankerous but I could see it coming on.  Sunday I washed a load of whites -- not a large large, just some of hubs unmentionables.  I had to push the start button three times to get it to start -- not an unusual circumstance.  Then I put them in the dryer and dried them on medium-high for 45 minutes.  They were wet.  Repeat.  Forgot about them until Monday morning.  Went in to fold.  They were wet.

We went shopping.

Yesterday this was delivered to my house --

along with the companion dryer.  I should have taken my own photo.  Maybe I will later.

I am thrilled.  Yes, they are OLD SCHOOL -- Speed Queen -- made in the USA.  Fabulous warranty.  All metal.  Do they look sophisticated?  No.  Do they play music for me?  Uh, no.  Are they tall? With drawers?  No, but my old ones were.  Am I ok with that?  Oh yes because it doesn't feel like my laundry room is being eaten by my appliances.

Most importantly -- do they work?


In fact, I am beginning to think that since they use a whole tub of water my clothes might be getting cleaner.  They feel cleaner and they look like they are rinsed better.  There is none of that musty smell that I used to have with the front loader.

Am I pleased with my purchase?