Sunday, January 15, 2017

Angels in my Hair by Lorna Byrne

A while back I caught Lorna Byrne on a television program and decided to check out her book "Angels in my Hair".  Lorna Byrne is a modern day Irish mystic who claims she can see and talk to angels...not just her angels but everybody's angels.

I believe in angels because they are spoken of in the Bible.  I believe in Jesus and accept him as my Lord and saviour and I believe in God as the creator of everything.  Because of my beliefs I had no problem believing in the angels that Byrne speaks of.  I am not sure of her ability to have such a relationship with angels, however.  It is very interesting, though, to read her accounts of knowing angels since she was a baby.  Her descriptions are beautiful.  She seems to be a very gentle person and not the sort to deceive.

The one thing that I noticed, though, is that as I read I found myself wanting to know my angel's name and to feel my angel's touch.  Yes, I believe we all have a guardian angel and if Byrne is correct, we have angels all around us all the time.  I found myself curious and desiring the same sort of relationship she claims to have.  It was all very beautiful.  I also have found myself thinking I would like to speak to Byrne myself.

Do I recommend this book?  Yes.  If you are a spiritual person it will only strengthen your faith. If you aren't, it might change something.  If nothing else it opens up a whole new conversation.

Unconscious Mutterings

Unconscious Mutterings



Free association is described as a "psychonanalytic procedure in which a person is encouraged to give free rein to his or her thoughts and feelings, verbalizing whatever comes into the mind without monitoring its content." Over time, this technique is supposed to help bring forth repressed thoughts and feelings that the person can then work through to gain a better sense of self.
That's an admirable goal, but for the purposes of this excercise, we're just hoping to have a little fun with the technique. Each week I'll post ten words to which you can respond to with the first thing that comes to mind.
"Rules are, there are no rules." There are no right or wrong answers. Don't limit yourself to one word responses; just say everything that pops into your head. AND you don't have to have your words up on Sunday. Take all week if you want! Read the FAQ for more information.

Sunday, January 08, 2017
Week 728
I say ... and you think ... ?
  1. Boarded ::  windows, hurricane
  2. System::  diet
  3. Favor ::  something you do for somebody
  4. Sphere ::  orb
  5. Priorities ::  everything
  6. Chips ::  Mr.
  7. Lighting :: low
  8. Hopes ::  and dreams
  9. Standing ::  up
  10. Interest ::  bank account