Saturday, February 25, 2017

Monday's Child......A Childhood Poem.....A Pack of Lies

Everybody has heard the poem that begins "Monday's child is fair of face".... right?  I goes on to say "Tuesday's child is full of grace".  This is where the cute little facade starts to crack.

I am a Tuesday child.  Even my own mother used to say the poem lied because I was definitely not "full of grace" -- I was one clumsy kid.  Some things never change.

I have arthritis and I believe I have some neuropathy in my feet.  Plus, I am just naturally clumsy, I don't need any other factors.

Last night I fell asleep on the sofa.  Hubs woke me up so I could continue my nap in bed.  I was clearly out of it as I traveled across the floor so I paid no attention to the item sitting on the floor (I had been avoiding picking it up for days so I am not only clumsy, I am lazy).  I hit said item full on, stumbled, woke up abruptly as I lunged finger first into the large television cabinet which resulted in me using loud, nasty words. 

I was sure I had broken the first joint (closest to my nail) on my left pinky.  It hurt, it was red,  my hand hurt all the way up into my hand. 

I went to bed after I determined I could wiggle my fingers. This morning it was really red and sore and hurts to bend it but I am able to bend it so I assume it is just jammed. 

So, about Tuesday's child -- yeah, dumb poem.