Sunday, March 26, 2017

Grands, Grands Everywhere

Last night was a unique experience for me -- a first, actually.  I have four grandchildren -- Caroline, Kathryn, Nathan and Emily.  Well, last night Hubs and I had K, N, and E at our house while Mom and Dad went out for a birthday celebration and C/W dancing. 

It was an experience for me because I have never had three children to care for at one time before.  It was also an experience because of the age difference of the children.  N is 10, K is 8 and E is 2.  I have to say though that E held her own and kept up the pace.  Whatever the bigs were doing, she was going to do as well.

Then it was bedtime.  I had them all settled in my guest room.  Then the hiccup.  The bigs sleep with the light on, the little doesn't like the light on.  What is a Nona to do?  Well, E finally got fed up with it, let us know, she was removed from the dimly lit room, fell asleep on me and ended up in my dark bedroom in the middle of the king-size bed all by herself.  She knows how to score the good sleeping place for sure.

Mom and Dad arrived about 12:45 to take them home.  It was a good evening.  I think we all had fun.