Thursday, April 06, 2017

Happy Thursday! Or Random Post Because I am All Drugged up on Allergy Meds

Good morning! I am trying to sound perky when I am really not.  I have seasonal allergies which seem to span almost all four seasons now and I take Claritin everyday.  For the most part it works except for when it doesn't.  That would be yesterday.

Our pollen count is off the charts, the wind has blowing gale force and, of course, I had to venture outside.  And breathe.  So, yesterday morning I got up having a horrible allergy attack.  I took the Claritin and bingo! Nothing happened! I just got worse.  Finally at about 7 p.m. I took some Benadryl and was down for the count.  I slept nine hours.  I feel better but not great.  I am out of benadryl and don't really want to stay drugged all day so I took the Claritin as usual this morning.  Hopefully I can hold it together until I get some more Benadryl and it is time for bed.

In other news -- I have a new project for Hubs.  Hubs loves projects.  Hubs needs projects.  If he doesn't have projects he shops -- worse than a girl.  So, this morning I got up with this brilliant idea about battery operated lamps.

We have a circular entryway.  It is two story and sports a very large, very lovely chandelier.We rarely use it because it just isn't the sort of lighting to warm up a spot.  We have a small chest in there along with two curio cabinets, unlit.  I need a lamp.  So, what is the problem you might ask?  Well, the brilliant builder decided that there only needed to be one base plug in there and not in the right place.  Yes, Hubs could drop a line but that would require cutting sheetrock and I hate cutting holes in walls.  I also hate hanging pictures and such because I just don't like holes in walls.  So, anyway, that made me think about battery operated lamps.

I looked online and there are a few, some quite acceptable, options.  However, I then ran across a tutorial about converting a regular lamp to a wireless lamp using batteries and led light strips.  My husband loves led light strips and has just installed some behind out television. can see where I am going with this.

He isn't awake right now but when he gets up I am going to let him know what his next project is.  I am sure he will love me for it.

An update on our new eating plan --

It is working well for me.  I haven't lost a lot of weight but something is changing because all my clothes are loose -- don't understand that -- but I will take it.  It is much easier cooking a large noontime meal than an evening meal.  I don't know that Hubs is really doing as well with it but I feel better so I will keep it up. It has certainly helped with between meal eating.  I haven't had a cookie in a month and haven't had to fight the craving -- there hasn't been a craving.  I think that is more mind over matter but whatever it is, it is a good thing.  My acid reflux is non-existent.  That is a relief for sure.

My energy level has increased by leaps and bounds and I am not sure why changing our eating schedule would have anything to do with that but it seems to.  I am getting things done in the morning (I am a morning person anyway) and I am keeping up with things.  I seem to have a new discipline that I never had before.  It is amazing.  I know that sounds silly but it is amazing to me. I guess you really are never too old to learn new things.  Hmmmm.

So, now I need another cuppa.  I have a sore throat and my nose is still runny and it just really aggravates me so I am sure another tea will help.

Have a nice day and I will let you know how the lamp project goes.