Saturday, September 02, 2017

Finally, Saturday

Thank goodness it is Saturday.  We can finally put the last few, terrible days behind us. 

We had an eclipse that I think really started it all -- not my first eclipse but it made my skin crawl. 

Then we had a hurricane on the Gulf coast.  Most of my husband's family lives in the Houston area so we were sitting and waiting to make sure they were all ok.  One niece had six inches of water in her house, another niece spent considerable amount of time in her laundry room because of the tornadoes in the area and my sister in law spent the week in a hotel so she could park the cars in the parking garage.  I was concerned about my San Antonio friends and my Austin family as well.  Pins and needles and nerves. 

Then a young lady from my daughter's school had a tragic accident and lost her life.  There was a week for waiting to see if she would pull through.  The entire school was an emotional wreck over this and it isn't completely over yet.  Lots of time spent praying.  Very gut wrenching.

Last night our Girl Scout meeting was a complete bomb.  Sassy little girls just added to my daughters frayed nerves and we were done.  Didn't get anything done except a lecture about respect.  Ugh.  Well, maybe the meeting really didn't need to happen last night in the first place.

So, here we are at Saturday.  I think it is time to expend some of this nervous energy cleaning house and getting ready for the new week.

So tired.