Saturday, March 17, 2018

Spring Break -- Installment One

The hubs and I went on vacation.  We actually accompanied our daughter and granddaughter on a Girl Scout Badge earning venture across the deep south.  My daughter chose a few patches that required historical research to accomplish and off we went.

We left Fort Worth on Saturday morning and headed east on I-30 toward Arkansas.  Our first stop was Little Rock, Arkansas.  My daughter, being the history teacher she is, wanted to visit Central High School which was the focal point of the Little Rock Integration Crisis of 1957.  It is an absolutely gorgeous, and rather huge,  school with a historic background and I was glad to see it even though there was so much sadness there.

 I remember those times well even though I was quite small because my aunt lived in Little Rock at the time.  My mother and I, grandparents and cousin took a road trip to see my aunt in 1956 and we went to this very apartment house.  It looked much as it did at the time -- I have photos, I will find them one day.  But, for now, I managed to capture this one off Google maps.

It was a lovely apartment right across the street from a school with a playground.  Wonderful for us.  The back of the apartment houses opened into a back yard of sorts where you could go down and grill or sit and read.  It hasn't changed much at all -- this is exactly what these houses looked like in 1956.

We had a bit of lunch at The Root -- a sandwich shop with an Austin vibe --

Then, we were Nashville bound.

Installment Two coming soon.