Saturday, August 11, 2018

The Nanny

Welcome to Saturday 9. What we've committed to our readers is that we will post 9 questions every Saturday. Sometimes the post will have a theme, and at other times the questions will be totally unrelated. Those weeks we do "random questions," so-to-speak. We encourage you to visit other participants posts and leave a comment. Because we don't have any rules, it is your choice. We hate rules. We love memes, however, and here is today's meme! 
Saturday 9: The Nanny (1993)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) This week's song is the theme from a sitcom that originally aired from 1993 to 1999. Were you a fan?  No.  I have watched it once in a while but would never seek it out.

2) The song tells us that Fran once worked in a bridal shop. Have you ever worked in a retail setting? No, but I think it would be fun.  My mom and aunt were retail ladies and they made it sound so exciting.

4) "The Nanny" is the colorful one, the one who wears red when everyone else wears tan. What color do you think you look best in? I look best in pale colors, pastels, and neutrals close to my face.  I don't look good in prints and I am trying to eliminate them from my wardrobe completely.  In slacks I prefer dark neutrals like navy and black.  I am not a beige, khaki or brown person.  When I was young and my hair was dark with a lot of auburn in it, brown worked but now since it is a lovely shade of mouse brown is a no-go.
 5) The TV show, The Nanny, was the brainchild of actress Fran Drescher. She got the idea while visiting her an old friend in London. Her friend's pre-teen daughter enjoyed having Fran as a confidante and shopping buddy. Do you enjoy shopping as a leisure activity? Or would you prefer to just dash into a store, grab what you need, and get out and go home?
Shopping is a necessary evil.  I used to love it, but  now, not so much.  I can never find what I am looking for when I go to stores so I generally shop online.  I always buy clothes online.  Recently I tried to go out and shop but it was so frustrating I swore never again.

6) The friend Fran was visiting in London was Twiggy, who was the world's most famous model in the 1960s. Name another famous model.
3) The kids in the Sheffield household appreciate their nanny's "joie de vivre," which is defined as "exuberant enjoy
ment of life." Are you feeling joie de vivre this morning?  Another model?  Cindy Crawford.  Joie de Vivre?  Uh, all I am feeling this morning is numb since I have been icing my knee for two hours.
 7) The Nanny: The Complete Series is available on DVD on Amazon. It consists of 19 discs and takes 55 hours to watch, start to finish. What TV show have you recently binge watched?  Ok, I will admit I have been binge watching "Hart of Dixie" on Netflix with Rachel Bilson and Tim Matheson.  I absolutely love it.  Four seasons with LOTS of episodes.  I am in the middle of season 2.  My husband can't wait for it to be done.

8) The Nanny theme was sung by Liz Callaway. Her father, the late John Callway, was a long-time Chicago newscaster. Have you, or has a loved one, ever been on TV?  My father was a long-time anchor for the CBS affiliate in San Antonio, Texas.  He did lots of other programming for that station as well as KLRN -- the PBS channel in San Antonio.  I was never on tv but I really wanted to dance on San Antonio's equivalent of Bandstand.  It was called Swingtime.  My mother wouldn't let me.

9) Random question -- Which of these adjectives comes closest to describing you: sexy, sophisticated or down-to-earth?  Sexy was never an adjective that I would use to describe myself and I don't think anybody else would either.  I am not sophisticated at all although I would love to be.  Down to earth, however, fits me to a T.


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Weight Loss -- It Is Such a Heavy Subject

I have weight issues.  I suspect I am not alone.

I have dietary issues.  Again, probably not alone.

I have cooking issues.  Ditto.

I have tried to solve the problem and on one hand, I did and on the other hand, not so much.

I have carried too much weight for a LONG time.  My knees, ankles and hips are paying the price.  I decided to follow my daughter down the Keto road.  The goal to lose about 150 million pounds and to break my sugar addiction.  I have lost 7.5 lbs and keep gaining and losing the same last two over and over again.  My clothes are loser though.  I don't get it.  So, I didn't exactly lose those millions of pounds but I did successfully break the sugar addiction.  My guilty pleasure is cookies -- not cake, candy or pies -- just cookies.  I haven't had one in over a month.  I don't crave them anymore.  I think that is a success that should be rewarded -- with jewelery not cookies!

I get easily confused about "eating plans" AKA diets.  I was raised to believe  you eat a balanced diet (no cookies aren't a food group), you eat a normal serving and you get on with life.  That is what I have always done until I wanted to lose weight a LONG time ago.  Then I went on a reduced calorie diet and I lost lots of weight but I think that deeply ingrained the "diet" mentality in me.  I have tried them all.  I have journaled my food, counted every grain of anything I put in my mouth and wrote it down.  When I reached 1200 calories I was done.  If that was at breakfast -- too bad so sad.  There was the grapefruit thing, the high protein-low carb thing, the egg and grapefruit thing -- there has always been a "thing".

I was the down the rabbit hole.  I gained weight easily, had two kids, had forgotten how to eat correctly.

I am trying to recover that knowledge.

I don't think the Keto diet is eating correctly but after a month I did break the cookie/sugar addiction and now the only thing I am looking at is how much "sugar" I am eating and by sugar I mean added sugars and starch.  I am not ready to give up fruit yet.

I am cognizant of portions and choosing not to eat starchy things -- green peas are safe in my presence.

I am choosing to use heavy cream in my tea rather than Lactaid but I fear that I am going to have to stop that because the cream is giving my tummy fits.  And I feel I need to add more fiber to my diet. 

I am trying to channel my teeny tiny mother from beyond and I feel she is speaking to me.  She never ate an early breakfast -- or hardly any breakfast at all and if she ate toast with her coffee she wouldn't eat a sandwich at lunch.  Most times she didn't eat lunch which probably wasn't good -- she was a smoker and I think that controlled her appetite.  She didnt bake much and she didn't buy lots of cookies or desserts at the store.  When she did, I don't remember having an uncontrolled desire for them.  All this sweet craving came after I was an adult.  Unfortunately, we did drink soda which I gave up years ago now. 

When Mom cooked dinner we had a meat, starch, two veg or a veg and a salad.  I asked her why she planned meals that way -- she said she learned it in school.  We went to the same schools and had a lot of the same teachers so when I took Home Ec. in the 7th grade, I learned that method of meal planning from the ancient Home Ec. teacher who was probably ancient when my mother had her.  Actually she was only about 45 when I had her but in the 60's I believe 45 was the new "old crone".  Anyway, I digress.  That is still how I plan meals but I am leaning more toward a meat/salad/veg.  My husband is diabetic and he doesn't need the starch.

I have also retrained myself to not eat between meals and not eat after dinner.  Growing up I never ate between meals (they didn't let us snack at school) and after dinner my mom cleaned up the kitchen and there weren't going to be any dirty dishes.  Period.

So, now that I have been on Keto for a month or so, I have completely wrecked my digestive tract although I have felt, generally, much better.  I have kicked the cookies to the curb, I have learned the joy of cream.  I have learned that I miss my morning cereal but am adding some plain oatmeal back in.  I know that my body isn't working as well without my dried fruit and pecans as a snack but I have given up snacks so those items will probably have to be part of a meal.

I am eating no more than 1200 calories a day and I feel that I am eating better quality food (cookies aren't good quality).  I feel better.  I look better and my neck looks thinner -- that is a big deal for me.  I feel like I am doing the right thing for myself. 

I feel that calorie control is a better option for me because I can generally eat any variety of food I want.  I think that, if given the freedom to do so, my calorie controlled diet will actually be more Keto anyway if I am choosing to spend my calories on less processed foods. 

I guess basically it just comes down to choice and I am trying to make better choices, more nutritionally intelligent choices.  I am journaling my food just to see the choices I am making.  I am paying attention to portions.  I am trying to be smart.

I guess if I just keep gaining/losing the same two pounds that is just natures way of telling me that life is funny and my body is a joke! 

But at least I don't want cookies anymore and that, folks, is what I did this summer.