Wednesday, November 14, 2018

These Is My Words by Nancy E Turner

"These is My Words-- the diary of Sarah Agnes Prine -- 1881-1901" -- a fictional piece based on the family history of the author Nancy E. Turner.

It is the story of Sarah Prine, a spirited woman who grows up and comes of age on the frontier.  During the course of the book she goes from an uneducated child to an educated adult and from a young woman finding her way in spite of loss and turbulence to a loving mother and wife of cavalry captain John Elliot.

I enjoyed this book but it was rough and harsh and didn't gloss over any of the events that occurred during those times in those places to countless people.  It was happy and sad and a struggle.

It made me glad I live in my time. 

I recommend as long as you realize that it is a tough book to read.