Monday, August 12, 2019

Another Manic Monday

It is hard to believe it is Monday again, much less that it is mid-August AND the first day of school for the Bean!  I know, I know, before long it is going to be Christmas!  Not ready for that but I am ready for some cooler weather.  We have bee under heat advisories for several days with more to come.

It looks like my blog plan didn’t work so well, can’t stay on task or really focus lately,  Things will be better when this house sale is completed.  It seems to be sapping all my physical and mental energy.  Hopefully the 23rd will come and go without issue and we can pass the ownership over to somebody else.  Yesterday was strange because we went to check the mail and there were six cars in the driveway and people all over.  Seems the buyers had family in town and wanted to show them the I know that is allowable but it seemed strange.

Today is errands and back to picking up the Bean from school.  All four grandkids are going to be in the same school so I will probably see all of the at some point.  That is going to be different but they are looking forward to it.  I wish they didn’t have to go back so early as it is just too hot.

So, off to make oatmeal and get the day started.  The morning will go fast and I have to make a grocery run and a trip to the bank.  So uninteresting!  I will try to do something exciting for the next time.  I promise you Trixie’s life is much more interesting.

Monday, August 05, 2019


Needless to say life around here has been a bit wonky lately.  I have been spending the majority of my time in the back yard holding a leash muttering things like "potty" and "do good girl".  I am sure the neighbors think I am certifiable.  I think Trixie is beginning to get it or maybe I am just reading her better but things seem to be improving.

The selling of the house has hit a snag. It sold the first day on the market and we had the inspection but either the inspector is stupid or they are trying to put one over on us but they reduced their offer price and are requiring us to fix things that aren’t broken. So, the saga continues.

Today we meet with Hubs endocrinologist to re-evaluate his situation and see how to continue moving forward.  We are also meeting with a diabetes counselor which is new to us.  With all that is going on I am probably going to have to meet with somebody with a couch and some happy pills.  Hopefully all will go well today and hopefully the house situation will work out.  I am feeling very Pollyanna today.

I have finished reading "Wish" and have now started another Made in Savannah cozy mystery.  They are very relaxing and that works well for me right now.

So off to see the doctor in a little while.  Will be back with any news.