Monday, July 15, 2019


I am having trouble posting on my iPad.  Seems that blogger and iPad don’t play well together.  So, I downloaded the blogger app and now I can post but i cant read the blogs I like to visit everyday.  I have to figure this out.

The Trixie Chronicles

Hiya! Everybodee! It’s me, Trixie!

This has really been a week! I have been a very busy terror  uh I mean terrier.  My Hooman mommy has been getting lots of exercise with me.. Did I tell you her knee has flared up? Did I do that?  Probably.

Anyway, we have been doing lots of potty training.  Mommy Nona put a Christmas bell on the door but it sounded like a bomb going off so she bought these -- proper bells.

They sound better and I actually ring them when I need to go out.  Not all the time though but I am

getting better.  I had one accident free day but slide back once but I am getting there.  Especially
 with these nifty bells.

Another thing that happened is that I had to stay home all by myself for a long long ticme whIle the hoomans did something else.  They have been very busy and have gotten very tired.  Even Mommy Nona has been whining.  It is sad.

I think I have grown.  I look a little porky.  Mommy Nona can’t figure out if I look more like Alf or Chewbacca.  Whoever that is.  I think I am beautiful.. what do you think?

Oh, I have lots of toys but this is the best ever and I found it all by myself!  I am so resourceful!

So, that has been my week!  Wonder what is going to happen this week?  I heard the word bath.