Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I have pretty much decided that blogging isn't all it is cracked up to be. I guess the whole privacy thing is an issue with me. While journaling on the computer is convenient, I guess it just sort of takes away from what I was after. light of that I have decided to journal instead of blog. Got me a little black and white composition book (so retro!) and have started to write down all the little bits of information that nobody is interested in but, one day, might be glad they know. If they can slow down and settle down long enough to read something not on a screen. I absolutely love technology. For a middle aged gramma-to-be that is a bit odd, I guess. At least everybody thinks it is but that is just me! However, there is something to be said for retaining the traditional along with the new and improved. Did you know that children don't know how to write in longhand anymore? Wouldn't know what to do with an ink cartridge, much less an ink BOTTLE. So sad. But, time moves on and so must we but do we have to let go of the past completely to move on to the future? Can't the two concepts co-exist? I guess only in my generation. Sigh.