Saturday, May 30, 2020


I am not a person that stays down well.  I have a high pain tolerance,  I like to stay busy and I have a lot of interests.  I have spent a lot of time reconstructing my daily routine to allow me to do the things I enjoy as well as the necessary things,

Then, on Tuesday, I broke my wrist.

I have never had a broken bone before,

It hurts,  I am hobbled,  I can’t finish my cross stitch project. I cant wash all the dishes.  All this can’t is new to me.  But I am basically an optimist,

So, I have decided to focus on what I can do.

I can type one handed — sort of.  And I can do genealogy.  And I can read,  And watch lots of tv. I am typing.

I have made a major discovery in my family tree and I am so excited to get the documentation for it.  I will share when it comes.

I am finding it difficult to do genealogy on an iPad and my laptop died so my husband is building me a new desktop computer,  It is going to be beautiful.  We are lucky to live close to an electronics store and they had everything so it will be quick.

I love our PBS station and they are binge showing Ken Burns crafting in America series.  It is great. 
I can watch this!

I cant make cards right now but I can color so I am going to get my art that way.

I am going to do some photo scanning for my family tree which is on Ancestry.  I will probably spend a lot of time with that.

So, I am making an effort to make some lemonade with this lemon I am carrying around with me,

I can still order groceries online so I guess I should go get to that!

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Oh Crud!

I had such wonderful plans for my quarantine.

My new routine, cross stitch, video games, card making.

Last night I fell and broke my wrist.


Saturday, May 23, 2020

Trixie’s Banner Day

The pandemic isn’t affecting Trixie negatively at all.  In fact, she seems to be flourishing and enjoying all her little life has to offer.

Today she had a little more grooming done — she is a little shorter and a little lighter and she is such a good girl to just stand there and take it.  She has done well.  I am shocked.

Then, she had a little ice cream treat.  We buy those little individual cups and when I get done, she gets to lick the container.  So, she really isn’t getting much but she loves it.

And then, we had hamburgers for dinner so she got her own patty — no seasoning — and she loved it.  She doesn’t get human food often so it was a treat.

But, the big thing today was a play date with the Bean.  She has been going over every Sunday for a while for playtime but this time she went today because we are supposed to have rain tomorrow.

So, she had quite the day and is pooped!

She is such a fat and sassy little thing — I believe she is turning into what is called a Giant Yorkie — topping out about 10 lbs!

Friday, May 22, 2020

Learning New Things in the Time of Covid

A lot of people have had a very hard time with this pandemic.  In the beginning, I was pretty afraid.  The hubs and I fall into a high risk group and everything just seemed so dismal.  It did, thanks to the media mostly, seem like a disaster of epic proportion and, for a lot of people, it has been — especially those who have experienced the loss of a loved one or who contracted the disease and have had to deal with the recovery.

I decided early on that I was going to comply with the restrictions without complaint.  I was going to do what I needed to do to keep well and help keep others well.  I made masks and watched the news until I decided THAT was not helpful.  Everything on the tv was negative and depressing and really frightening.  So, I decided to turn that around.

I decided I wouldn’t let this make me crazy — I have one foot in crazy as it is — haha!  I didn’t need help from a virus.  So, I decided to make some changes in my life.  I didn’t know how it was going to work — it was a work in progress — and it still is but there were some things that I just needed to fix, even before this disruption in daily life.   I seem to be in a state of being overwhelmed a lot of the time — too much to do, don’t know where to start, have no energy to tackle things, no time to do the things I WANTED to do. I was not happy, it had to change and it has. I am still working on it. Tweaking so to speak — not to be confused with twerking — I couldn’t do that if my life depended on it and I have no desire to try.

My husband has really bad diabetes.  We went to a diabetic counselor and adjusted his diet and he has been doing exceptionally well — his numbers have been outstanding.  So, I knew that we would be eating in now since we were quarantined so I made an effort to replicate that restaurant meals that we have learned he can eat.  I don’t like to cook but I knew I was going to have to so I made a plan — an eating plan so to speak.  Several days of the week are assigned a type of meal — for instance, Wednesday is Mexican food because growing up in San Antonio we had Mexican food in the school cafeteria every Wednesday and it was just something we always did.  On Fridays we are having breakfast for dinner because I have Girl Scouts on Friday evening and breakfast is quick.  One night a week is assigned fish, another hamburgers, so on and so forth.  It makes it so much easier.  Except for Wednesday and Friday I don’t hold to a special day for each meal but have the items on hand to make whichever meal sounds good that night.  And yes, I am building a pantry again.  I haven’t done that since my kids left home but I think that giving up on those habits was a mistake so I started rebuilding my stores before this pandemic started.  I don’t know why I felt like I didn’t need stuff just because I didn’t have kids here.

I am also learning to groom the dog.  Of course the groomers weren’t considered “essential” so they were closed.  I tried trimming Trixie with scissors and it worked sort of but she needed more.  I finally broke down and bought some grooming shears and some clippers which sort of scared me to death.  The came, finally, on the day I got the text that the groomer had re-opened.  Well, I wasn’t going to send them back so I decided to give it a go.  It is going to take several goes to get her like I want her but I have to say I am pleased.  She seemed like she loved it.  Yesterday I messed with cleaning up the hair on her ears.  I figured if she would let me do her ears she would let me do all of her.  And she was great.  They were still a little raggedy but I worked on them more today.  Then I took to shearing her body.  My goodness this little dog has a lot of hair.  She looks like a little bear.  So, we spent about an hour on it.  You can tell she has been to a groomer because she knew what to do, when to stand up and she didn’t get rattled.  She still isn’t as short as I want her to be so we will have another go tomorrow.  Saturday morning is going to be her bath day.  Yorkies can tolerate getting bathed once a week so that is her new schedule.

And yes, that is my ugly foot.  She is still pretty shaggy but I used the longest comb in the kit so tomorrow I will use a shorter one.  At least now she will hold her ears up.

I have also learned a lot about laundry and doing dishes.  I do the completely wrong thing for the planet but I am doing the completely right thing for my sanity.  I am washing small loads every day.  I don’t wait until everything is in the hamper to wash.  I have been much happier because nothing makes me more cross than looking at a huge basket of clean laundry needing folding.  So, Monday is sheet day with underwear.  Wednesday is towel day with underwear.  Tuesday and Thursday is everything else day and Friday is cup towel day.  What I have learned is that just because you are an empty nester it doesn’t mean you can let the laundry pile up.  Same with the dishes.  I am doing lots of dishes by hand these days as well as running the dishwasher.  It seems that hand washing is pretty quick and I never have to worry about the dishwasher being too full.  I think what is happening here is that I have figured out that if I do these things daily the chores become a lot lighter.  

I know, by now you are shaking your head wondering what planet I have been living on.  Well, self discipline has never been my strong suit and I have always left things until the last minute and put things off and I have always been frustrated with domesticity.  I have finally figured it out and I have felt more accomplished which had led me to wanting to keep it up.  

I have also learned to go with the flow and order groceries for pick up and order things that I need from Target and such.  And you know what, I am happier doing that.  I don’t like shopping, my knees don’t let me walk all over malls anymore and so it is just a good thing for me to be able to order what I need, get free shipping where I can and I am not fighting it.  I have had zero problems with it and it makes me happy for other people to choose my groceries.  I am fine with it.  

I want to plant some bulbs in the back yard at some point so I guess I will be perusing seed catalogues as well.  I have never done that and it sounds like fun.  I am hoping for some nice irises and day lillies and maybe some daffodils to celebrate St. David’s Day next year.  

I have learned that the housework is never going to be finished and the only way to deal with it is to do a little each day, work in the fun stuff so you don’t feel deprived, and just keep on keeping on.  I will honestly say I have much more energy after living like this for a couple of months and I intend to keep it up.  And maybe I will get all those unfinished cross stitch projects done!

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Planning Your Life

Do you use a planner?  I have always used some sort of planner because I have never been able to commit everything in my life to memory for instant recall.  When I was a kid they used to give out small Hallmark calendars at gift stores, at the check out, free for the taking.  I always had one — or maybe two — in my purse.

When I was in school I used a notebook for school work, obviously, and each section had a page that I would jot down assignments, due dates, etc.  I didn’t use a separate planner because I just wasn’t that organized and if I had it in that notebook, I was good.  If I didn’t have it in that notebook chances are it got left at home.

After my school years I sort of quit using a planner I could carry around and moved on to a wall calendar to keep all those “kid” things organized — two kids definitely tested my memory for sure —  I couldn’t remember what I ate the day before much less keeping all those pediatrician appointments and school schedules straight.

Then my husband took to traveling and I had to keep up with his schedule and keep important contacts with me and blah blah blah I went back to a personal planner.

Over the years I have used many different brands, sizes, colors, configuration ..... none of them perfect.  Right now I am using an Erin Condrin life planner that is 18 months long — or 18 months BIG.  It is big.  And I make it bigger what with papers paper clipped in it and appointment cards and such.  I keep it together with this cute rose gold elastic band and it works but it isn’t ideal.  Why you might ask?  Well......

We have a book, a black book, that we keep our accounts and passwords in.  I bought it at Barnes and Noble.   My husband has decided I need my own book because it seems we can’t both use the same book because he always has it and I can never find it.  I don’t want to buy another book because that is just one more thing for me to keep up with.  I also need to have a place to put contacts in — I have a small moleskin address book, black, that keeps getting lost as well.  So, the solution would be to have contacts in my planner.  There is no place for contacts in this planner.  So, basically, I would have to re-write everything every year when I got a new planner.  I am not up for that. I have even tried to download a digital planner and that just didn’t work at all — clearly I am not techy enough.

So, the solution is to make my own.  I have made my own using a moleskin journal before and it was good and fit in my purse but again,  being bound, it couldn’t be added to at all.  The obvious solution is a binder — but what size?  I have explored half size binders, leather binders, cute binders, regular binders.....

And after watching several videos I was no closer to making a decision.  So, I decided to shop my own desk.  I have a half page loose leaf binder, I have a silly full size binder that is new and never used and I have two zipper binders.  One is a pink and black binder that I bought somewhere, can’t remember where and the other is this really cute, sort of hippie retro floral print, bright pink, that I got years ago at Old Navy.  I had no use for it when I bought it but I really like the print.  So, off the shelf it came.

When I opened it up it had two or three sets of dividers — nothing “cute” but all very serviceable.  One set was for the months of the year and then I had two sets of insertable dividers — plain ol’ buff colored.  There was also a very nice pencil pouch there and a pocket that I could stash a dashboard with post its and paper clips and such and a couple of other little hidey holes for things.  

I don’t actually remember putting all that stuff in there but I was glad to see it.  

Now, clearly this is a large item to haul around.  I don’t have my junior high school boyfriend to “carry my books” for me and I doubt my husband is going to haul it around.  So, what do I do when I go to appointments and things?  After some thought I decided the best thing to do is employ the calendar on my phone.  Then transfer any appointments or plans to the planner.  The thing is, I don’t want to possibly lose the planner with my contact list and, even more importantly I don’t want to lose my account and password information so the planner would have to stay home for the most part.  

I did some looking online for free printable and printed out monthly calendars.  I don’t have a color printer so everything I printed is just black and white but I am thinking of ways to bling it out.  I printed out the half page versions but the more I look at it the less workable I think it is.  After using Erin Condrin and the MochiThings planners, I know I need room to write.  

So, is this going to be my Holy Grail of a planner?  Doubtful but we will see.  I am going to give it a go.  I figure this way, at least it is a bright color so I won’t lose it in the jumble of “black” books we have around here and it zips so things won’t fall out.  It is bulky and it is bigger than the current planner but it does have some pluses.  

What do you use?  How do you use it?  Opinions?  Discuss.

Friday, May 15, 2020

Some Pretties

I am not a gardener.  I never will be.  I do like bulbs and am thinking of planting a few in certain places.  I will have to think on that.  But, I thought I would share some photos of things blooming in the yard today.

The magnolia blossoms are as big as my head

These day lilies were here when we moved here


These hollies have lots of berries

More lantana
I am hoping to plant some cannas and irises in the back at some point.  I love purple lillies

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

What a Difference a Day Makes

Yesterday was awful.  I had a tachycardia episode which robbed me of my sleep and then I was like a zombie all day — a barking zombie yelling at all in my way.  I didn’t get anything done except to spread distress all over the place.

Today I am like a different person.  I slept well and awoke with lots of energy and a plan.  Did you ever watch “A Woman of Substance”?  It is the story of Emma Harte who built a retail giant in England.  Total fiction, of course, but there was one part of the movie that stuck with me.  Emma was a domestic who wanted to be her own woman and needed time to do that.  So, she timed her chores to see how quickly she could get it done so she would have spare time.  That is my plan B.  Timing myself, sort of.

I get really cranky if I can’t do my fun stuff and I was raised to do the important stuff first so I have devised a way to do them both.  I am stitching or reading between laundry loads or emptying the dishwasher.  I am alternating a chore with fun.  It is working well.  Plus, I am looking at the things I have been putting off and figuring out how I can get it done really quickly.  So far so good.  I am not terribly domesticated and really don’t care for housework so this sort of makes it better.

I also put my dinner on early.  It is Wednesday so that means Mexican.  Tonight will be tacos so I put the meat together in the crock pot and that is ready to go.  I feel so accomplished.

Two loads of laundry done.

Reading with the Bean — we finished The Last Dogs series — it was so good and I enjoyed it so much.

Rumor on the street has it that Texas is facing another lockdown — I didn’t know we weren’t still locking down — WE are still locking down — hmmm....people need to quit gallivanting around without masks on and social distancing.  I feel like the kindergartner that keeps missing recess because the other kids can’t mind.

So, yeah — that’s today!


I am not a person that stays down well.  I have a high pain tolerance,  I like to stay busy and I have a lot of interests.  I have spent a l...