Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Nothing makes you feel older than......

 Due to circumstances beyond our control, the Bean has returned to in person education for this last nine weeks of the year.  

She is wearing a mask and I hope she doesn’t get Covid but it had to be done. She is in a new school this year having left the parochial school she was in since age 3.  It just wasn’t a good fit anymore.  Now she is swimming in a public school sea with about four times more kids than her previous school but so far so good.

Where is this going?  Well, the Gramps and I are sitting in a new pick up line observing students age 10 to 12 and I have to say it is a very dismal view.  One girl has half her hair dyed back and the other side maroon.  Texas Tech fan perhaps? Doubtful.  One boy has his head shaved on one side with the other side flowing almost shoulder  length.  And they all wear black.  Or gray.  Or black that has been   washed to gray.  

Nobody ties their shoes.  

Nobody brushes their hair.

They all look terrible.

When I was that age, in school, we got dressed — up.  We had natural colored hair and wore hair clips and   head bands and petticoats and matching cardigans.  We wore skirts and sweaters from Bobbie Brooks and penny loafers.  The most scandalous thing we did was wear a cardigan backwards. Tattoos were for sailors.

So, I am certainly getting an education on the fashion sense of tweens in Texas these days.  It isn’t good.  But I do have one question—-

Where are these kids parents? Or am I just hopelessly out of touch?

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

If it’s not one thing....

 I have been absent for awhile now.  There has been drama.  I can’t talk about it but it has been exhausting and time consuming and it is ongoing,   Things will get better.  Getting our second shot today,  I will be glad to get that behind me.  I have been out and about a bit though.  We took our masked, socially distanced spring Girl Scout trip and we did well not putting ourselves in danger, I think.  It was a good time and I will post about that soon.  Right now, off to get said shot.

Saturday, February 20, 2021

I Survived!


Just coming off the snowpocalypse  of 2021.  We are fine.  One frozen pipe, rolling blackouts, boil water order, and coming to the end of my pandemic prepping supplies.  Time to start over with that.  Rethinking buying bottled water regularly.  It was a learning curve for sure.  It was -2.  This is Texas, we don’t do -2.  Well, I guess we do now.  Anyway, time for a nap and to get back to the business of avoiding covid.

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Winter is Upon Us

 There was a horrific car accident not far from me a couple of days ago.  It involved 133 cars and trucks and killed six people.  The cause was ice on the highway.  I really don’t like ice storms.

Today we have this.

And this is just the beginning.  We have several days of this ahead of us.  Is it pretty? Oh yes.  Do I enjoy looking at it? For a minute.  Am I happy about this? Not at all.  

However, it gives me the opportunity to think about what I am grateful for.....

A warm house

Food in the kitchen

No place to go

A dog that is trained to use potty pads

So, there we are.  I am from south Texas where snow and ice are rare, not impossible but rare, and this is just out of my comfort zone.  So, I am using the day to do some stuff I have been putting off doing and making the best of things.  It is supposed to be worse tomorrow so hopefully, if I can get a jiggle on, I might make a dent in organizing the photos and doing some major reading and maybe packing some clothes for donation.  This could actually be good.  I will let you know.

Tuesday, February 09, 2021

The Magdalen Girls by V. S. Alexander

 Horrific book.  I wish I could say it was pure fiction but I know, for a fact, it isnt.

I couldn’t put it down.  Recommend?  Uh, yes with reservation.

Going back to my cozy mysteries,

Sunday, February 07, 2021

Sunday This and That

 A few updates on things —

The Turkish socks that took forever to get here  are lovely.  They wash beautifully and are so, so soft.  I think I might have to buy some more.

There is a definite improvement in my knee since I have been wearing the orthopedic shoes.  I know, they aren’t attractive but my knee isn’t hurting as much.  And who sees me anyway but the Hubs.  

I have really lost interest in Facebook but am really into my blog.  Facebook  is too political and my blog is warm and friendly.  I like my bloggy friends.  I am also spending much more time reading than surfing around Facebook.  There is another site similar to  Facebook called MeWe.  My son is on it and I joined.  I am part of several groups that are fun.  

Do any of my bloggy friends play Animal Crossing?

I tried something new last night with pork loin.  I usually just chunk the thing in the crockpot and revisit it after a few hours.  Well, Hubs has an adversion on to un-brown meat so last night I cut the thing into inch thick slices, squashed them out a bit and pan fried them. Five  minutes on each side.  Perfection.  I will be doing that again.

I decided to  start walking in my house for exercise.  I have a long galley kitchen that goes directly into the breakfast area which makes a nice path.  I did four or five passes earlier and will do more through the day. I don’t walk enough which just makes the knee worse.  The funny thing is, though, Trixie follows  me everywhere so she was walking laps with me and looking at me, the whole time, like I had lost my mind.  Maybe I have.  

Do you watch the Super Bowl?  It will be on.  I won’t watch it.  Not very interested, even in the commercials.  I will be reading my new reading start The Magdalen Girls by V. S. Alexander.  It has been on my shelf for literally years and it is time to start reading books I already have rather than buying new ones.

Speaking of books, however, I have to say that I really enjoy my kindle.  So much, so, that I have subscribed to Kindle Unlimited.  It is really great, as I think I have mentioned before, and last night I even looked at a magazine!  It was great.  I read the magazine and returned it and didn’t have to pay for it or store it.  Love it!

Ok, that’s all.  Need to gather up some items for the trash and maybe, maybe, vacuum before the football game.  For dinner we will be having breakfast which we do once a week so it is going to be  relaxing, albeit cold, day.

#5 Goodreads 2021 Challenge

 I just finished book #5 in my Goodreads challenge. The title is Exes and Woes by Hope Callaghan.  It is #14 in the Made in Savannah series.  I began this series after visiting Savannah and falling in love with the city.  These books don’t talk about the city much but you get the vibe.  These are not serious mysteries, just fun little cozies that you can sort of get lost in.  There is one more about Christmas and that might be my next read.

I recommend this series if you just want to cuddle up and get lost in a fun book!

Nothing makes you feel older than......

 Due to circumstances beyond our control, the Bean has returned to in person education for this last nine weeks of the year.   She is wearin...