Thursday, April 17, 2008

Typical Texas Evening

It was a beautiful day here but, as usual, a line of thunderstorms -- with rotation-- fired up late in the afternoon. This is what blew through from the west and pounded our house. I guess I will be making an appointment with the insurance adjuster tomorrow because this was bigger than a quarter. However, it isn't baseball sized like it was when it hit the areas before us.

All is quiet now.
Booking Through Thursday

What do you do when you run across a word/phrase you don't know?

Well, if I can't figure it out from the rest of the text, I look it up. I am sorry to say that I have pretty much given up a traditional dictionary and head to the internet. The internet makes it easier to look up phrases if you are reading a non-American piece.

Besides, isn't that what they taught us in school -- look it up?