Thursday, May 01, 2008

Booking Through Thursday: Mayday!

Ok, for some reason my computer won't let me cut and paste the description of the challenge so I will just go ahead with it.

Cell phone ringing in the grocery store -- hmmm -- well, if it is at the bottom of my purse I won't hear it and if I DO hear it, the person will have already hung up.

If it is a family emergency, I won't be thinking about reading.

If it is a family emergency like in the DC area, I would have to get on a plane and be worried out of my mind about the family so I wouldn't be able to concentrate anyway -- I mean, really -- how can one try to help drive the plane and go into severe family emergency crisis mode AND read? Get real.

Of course, if the emergency were in DC, M would be saying "no, don't come, I have it covered. We are fine".
Fine, right. How could they be fine without me? Well, ok, they HAVE been fine without me but, well, you know.

So, if it were a local family emergency I would be involved in dealing with the emergency and therefore, would not be reading. In the DFW area, it isn't advisable to drive on one of our many congested, fast paced highways and read simultaneously. Texting, however, seems to be perfectly acceptable.

So, in my case, reading and family emergencies don't go well together.

So, I wouldn't take anything.