Thursday, May 15, 2008

Booking Through Thursday -- Manual Labor Redux

Again, for some reason, can't cut and paste topic so I will just go with it.

Uh, manuals -- yes, I do read them but generally not until something happens to the "gadget" and I have to figure out what I did wrong. And then I generally only read the section that involves what I did wrong. I usually leave the manual reading to A who does a much better job of it than me.

Self help books -- Oh no. There is no help for me by my self or anybody else, I fear.

How-to books -- Well, if cookbooks fit in this catagory then I would have to say yes. I read cookbooks. Now, that doesn't mean I actually do anything with the information once I read it but I do read cookbooks.

I would have to say that I do read needlework books. All the time and they are sort of how-to books with patterns and all and definitely self help books because needlework is the best therapy I know of.