Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday Evening -- Remembering San Antonio

Again, I am taking a bit of time this evening to trip down memory lane to my hometown of San Antonio, Texas. The photos I am sharing tonight are of the San Pedro Public Library. My first experience with the library system was at this library, which is located in the historic San Pedro Park. Usually the end of the school year was celebrated with a picnic at a local park. In May, 1959 our picnic was at this particular park and at the close of the picnic our teacher and parent volunteers marched us to the library to get a tour. Those of us who were already eight years old and had a parent with us were able to get a library card. I was thrilled because I was an avid reader and, with the long summer ahead, I knew I would make good use of that card. That visit began a life-long affection with books and libraries and this library in particular.

For some reason, when I visited the library in April, I was struck by this water fountain. It is original and I remember the water being very cold. As a child I didn't take much notice of this necessity but as an adult, seeing it again after at least 40 years, I saw it for the piece of architectural art it really is. For some reason, it struck a sentimental note and I was sorry that it was no longer operational but it does make a lovely planter.

The final photo I would like to share is that of the children's section of the library. It is no longer the children's section -- it is now the adult section and the children's section is currently where the adult section USED to be. I spent many afternoons in the far, right hand corner seeking out my favorite books -- usually a Kate Seredy or a Lois Lenski. It seems that all my favorite were clustered together and as I visited this time I went straight to that corner looking for them but they weren't there. Realizing the flip-flop of the arrangement I headed for the other end -- they weren't there either. When did Seredy and Lenski fall out of favor? Could I really be that old? Well, yes, I could and changes are inevitable but I think there is still room in our lives for the old books and I think it is a shame that they aren't there, even in the far corner.

So, that is where my love of reading began. It was the greatest thing in the world to go to the library after school on a cold, blustery fall day (yes, it does get cold and blustery in the fall in south Texas) and bring home a handful of your favorites and curl up on the couch and just let yourself get lost in the story. One of my greatest memories of all time.
Unconscious Mutterings

1. intimidated: scared
2. brush: Hair
3. masquerade: ball
4. procedure: avoid
5. tattoos: nasty
6. square: peg
7. tuck: nip
8. boyfriend: Charles
9. badass: cool
10. thousand: dollars, Anne of a Thousand Days