Monday, October 27, 2008

The Times They Are A'Changing

It seems that autumn has really arrived in North Texas. Even though we have been flirting with the changing season for a couple of weeks, this morning the weather seems to have taken a turn around the corner. At 39 with a brisk breeze, we have definitely rolled over to my favorite time of the year. So, with fires in the fireplace and a stack of good books and needlework projects, I am ready to face the brisque weather and say that change is good!

With early voting winding up this week and the election around the corner, another kind of change is on the horizon. I think we all know how the tide is turning on the election but I guess we never know until it is a done deal. I am anxious to see the effects of the election, whoever wins, on the stock market. I will probably be up early on Nov. 5th just to watch it on the news! Change can be scary, too.

We also have daylight savings time to look forward to next Sunday. I always feel better from November (formerly October) until April (now May?) -- I guess I really do need that extra hour back. But, it just makes the autumn evening so much nicer getting dark earlier. Again, did I mention this is my favorite time of the year? So, change is good when we can get some much needed rest and push aside the trappings of summer and cozy up for the winter ahead. Hm....makes me want to bake bread. Ok, so maybe I have had enough change -- I really don't want too much of a good thing!