Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Vacation from blogging --

Yes, it seems I have taken a vacation from blogging -- well, writing them at any rate. It seems I have more fun reading blogs than writing them. Almost all of them that I read have better photos (or photos at all!), are more clever and more interesting and definitely more consistent. However, since I have been watching copious amounts of movies lately, I thought a blog on that might be of interest.

AW and I joined Netflix. Well, I joined Netflix and he is just going along with me. I joined it with some apprehension -- fear of the movies getting lost in the mail and me with no way to prove that I actually did send them back. That hasn't been a problem, however. So, when I joined I made a tentative list -- always subject to change with me, of course. I tried to mix AW's favorites -- action adventure -- with my favorites -- classics (both tv and cinema) and girly stuff. So, we have had a variety of things to choose from and our relationship has managed to survive ME choosing the movies.

The first movie we received from Netflix was "The Secret Life of Bees". It was good and I recommend. Even AW enjoyed it. Then we watched some old tv classics -- "The Life of Riley" and "Our Miss Brooks". Ok, so AW didn't fare so well with those. Since then we have viewed "Pride and Glory" and "Bangkok Dangerous". I enjoyed "Pride and Glory" more than "Bangkok Dangerous" because Nicolas Cage was just too weird in "BD". I like him but it seems like he is getting stranger and stranger in some of his movies.

The next movie in my queue is not going to thrill AW at all. He wouldn't go see it in the theater -- neither would DD or SIL (I asked -- he said no). So....by tomorrow I will have a Netflix copy of the newly released "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" to watch and AW is going to watch it with me. He doesn't want to but...hey, I watched "Bangkok Dangerous" and now it is payback time!