Friday, May 22, 2009

England 2005

Yesterday I had lunch with my priest's wife and we were discussing genealogical research while traveling. She has never been to the UK and I would love to return to do some bone digging and photo taking. We decided it would be fun to go together. That conversation prompted me to glance through my photos from our trip and I ran across one of the cutest buildings I have ever seen. It is a pub in London and, although we didn't go in, I was quite taken with the photo and thought I would share. The architecture is great and being sandwiched between the two larger buildings is just postcard perfect.
I stole this from JLSHall -- it is so funny and it is SO how I feel right now -- I feel hibernation coming on -- in May? That can't be but it is clouding up and I have a stack of books and a good movie to watch so.....


Historic Bryan, TX

Recently we have had the opportunity to spend some time in Bryan, TX. Now, I have been familiar with College Station for quite a few years but not Bryan. On a recent trip to College Station we visited the historic downtown Bryan area. There were some cute shops, a nice antique shop or two and a very new age gift store. I thought I would share some photos that I took.
Friday Fill-in #125

1. moving is not a pleasant activity

2. live free

3. My best quality is my loyalty

4. The devil is in the details

5. In nearly 10 years -- opps, not going there!

6. To be thinner is what I need right now.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I am looking forwart to my netflix movies, tomorrow my plans include buying barbecue wood at Whisky Flats and Sunday I would like to spruce up the patio.