Saturday, June 06, 2009

Family Fiesta Day at Franklin Park

Two years ago my mother in law moved to DFW from San Antonio, from a house she had lived in for over fifty years. She chose to take up residence in an almost brand new retirement community for active seniors. Every year they have a summer family get-together with a theme. This year the theme was "Fiesta" which is something we are all familiar with being from San Antonio. My husband and I went and had lunch outside and watched all the festivities -- there were children, teenagers, and even an almost brand new baby. There was an adorable long-haired daschund and a very lovely bischon friese. There were pinatas! They were most unusual -- bags with a fragile bottom in them. They were filled from the top and the children would pull streamers at the bottom to release the goodies. They had a wonderful time and it was much better than bludgeoning some poor "animal" or cartoon character into giving over the goods.

It was a beautiful day -- a little too warm and the serving line wasn't set up as well as it could be but we found a shady spot, enjoyed our fiesta food and declared it a good day. I think the only real problem was that the Margarita machine wasn't freezing the fiesta concoction fast enough!