Monday, July 13, 2009

I have just posted a new album to my facebook page. It contains photos of my junior high school in San Antonio. The school was built in approximately 1923 and had additions as WPA projects later. My grandmother's cousin, Rose, went to school here the year my mother was born, my mother went here as did my aunts and uncle and my cousin JLSHall. Of all of my educational experience I was happiest here. I loved the atmosphere and I hate what they have done to it -- they rebuilt it and only retained part of the facade, the part that faces San Pedro Avenue. They replaced the gym -- ok, it flooded underneath but still -- and they torn down the locker room which was a WPA project as well as the IA shops.

Spurred on by a graduate school paper of my daughter's, I have tried to find information about Twain online and in newspaper articles but can't find much, especially photos so, if anybody has any old photos or information about the school, I would really like to hear stories or see pictures.