Tuesday, December 08, 2009


In an attempt to get in the spirit of the season, I decided to dress up my blog which explains the new blog background. I am not sure I like it yet so it may change -- who knows. Guess you will just have to come back and check it out.

I am doing a lot of different things this year -- changing things around to spice up the season. I love tradition but this year, due to severe lack of energy, cedar fever and a good helping of Bah-humbugginess -- I decided to refrain from putting up my Christmas village. Well, all those reasons plus we need to figure out how to build some risers for it to make all the cords easier to conceal. Anyway, here is a photo from years past.

I added something new this year in the form of what is probably the cheesiest thing ever -- EVER. I bought THIS--

I really rather like him and, for some reason, he reminds me of my Aunt Velma who loved things of this sort. I even went to the website --- which is very clever, I might add -- and I registered him and named him. His name is Tuppy.

I can't forget about Tinklepaw. I haven't talked much about Tinklepaw or put up many of his photos even though he has quite a few -- he has traveled with us and enjoyed past holidays. So, I decided I would put up a photo now and here he is -- Jingle Bell Tinklepaw!

And last but not least, we bought a new tree. Usually our little tree goes in the middle of the village but this year, without the village, we opted for a taller tree. It is tall but very slender so I didn't have to rearrange the house to put it up. And, conveniently, it fits right next to a plug. You will notice that I have a little helper in this photo. Well, ok, little isn't an operative word here and, actually, neither is helper but nonetheless, here is Rollie taking in the tree trimming festivities.

Even though he is the incredible hulk of tabby cats, I think he is a very handsome guy, don't you?

So, that is where I am in the Christmas process. I have watched several Christmas movies -- "Going My Way", "Elf", "Remember the Night" and "New in Town" which isn't really a Christmas movie, I don't suppose, but there is lots of snow so it works for me!